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April 8, 2021

Atlas Van Lines and Direct Systems have worked closely together for many years to bring Van Line specific software to their agents. We are now pleased to announce the release of the new Pre Rating View (PRV) module to work in conjunction with other Atlas - specific software (Shipment Registration, Customer Service/Dispatch, Statement Reconciliation, etc.). The end result: true SINGLE ENTRY functionality.

Your Direct Systems support team can provide additional information.


A. Walecka & Son, Inc.
Atlas Van Lines
West Wareham, MA


D&H Enterprises of Orlando, Inc.
Orlando, FL


Moody Moving and Storage
North American 
Concord, VA
1984 (Our first installation!)


Maroadi T&S
North Versailles, PA


Delaney Worldwide Inc.
Syracuse, NY


Westheimer T&S
Houston, TX


A-Turner M&S
North American 
Gainesville, FL


Wagoner Moving
North Canton, OH

Payroll Withholding Taxes
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IMPORTANT: If the payroll withholding taxes for your State will be changing in the upcoming year, then please provide that information to us immediately so our programmer can make the necessary updates to our payroll system.

UPDATES: Please run the Check for Updates process periodically to see if your IBS system is up-to-date. The Check for Updates feature is found under UpdatesDownload Updates on the IBS Main Menu. If a new release is available, then you should run the Download Updates and Install Updates to update your system to our latest release. Our IBS Updates include the latest release of ALL programs, so you should Download and Install all new releases even if you don't use all of our programs. Please call us at 804-320-2040 if you have any questions or need help updating your IBS system.

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If it is time to replace your older, aging computers, you now have an In the Cloud option. Join over 300 of your fellow Direct Systems users who, for as little as $59, have eliminated other hardware expense and unnecessary aggravation.

Direct's 10 year business association with RDI/VOS (Virtual Office Systems) has brought maximum benefit to your fellow IBS installations. Call Milo Mannino of RDI at 614-310-0878 to discuss your Cloud Hosting options.

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Hi Howard,

....regarding Peggy, Linda, Sean and your team. I can only imagine their thoughts when I called my first day (1986) and said I need help and didn't even know how to turn the machine on... boy - we've come a long way and it is all because of your company and team that helped me through it.

Vanessa Grove
Secretary Treasurer

Merchants M&S, Inc. (Atlas)

Boise, ID


Hello Howard

I want you to know that since I've become the primary contact for Arrow Moving and Direct Systems that you and your staff have been incredibly helpful. And patient with me! I appreciate that, it makes my job much easier and I feel good knowing your staff will take prompt good care of us

I hope the remainder of your week is great, take care

Todd Miller, MPAc

Chief Financial Officer

Arrow Moving & Storage - Mayflower Transit

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