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Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

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Job Cost Manager


  • Automatically gathers information from all other programs
  • Compares revenue with expenses
  • Provides detail listing analyzing each job
  • Summary listing provides overview of all jobs and  profitability of each


  • Show which jobs are most profitable
  • Assure that each job is properly billed
  • Develop pricing strategies for all types of moves
  • Compare profitability of various accounts, types  of jobs, etc.

Celebrating 40 Years of Service to the Moving Industry.

Direct Systems has grown with the Moving & Storage Industry since 1979 as an IT developer providing the solutions and expertise needed to get moving companies on the road to success. With more than 700 satisfied customers, it’s no wonder Direct Systems is the #1 provider of enterprise software to the moving industry!

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