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Customer Service & Dispatch Manager


  • Tracks each shipment from start to finish
  • Itemizes complete pick-up and delivery information
  • Assigns personnel and equipment to each shipment
  • Interface with your VanLine with our VanLine Connect modules
  • Complete billing and commissions payment solution
  • Auto zipcode lookup feature
  • Total service and work flow management
  • Multi-dispatcher load board
  • Comprehensive customer service tracking
  • Detailed shipment reports for your customer service team, dispatcher, warehouse manager, and more
  • Create reports by salesperson, driver, account and shipment type
  • Create custom generate forms such as work tickets, print header information on bill of ladings, inventories, and other required forms
  • Support multi-branch dispatching
  • Share notes with several customer service/dispatch manager sites


  • Complete information source for each shipment
  • Accurate information for pre-planning of daily equipment and driver requirements
  • Better control over driver assignments
  • Total customer service tracking
  • Streamline your customer service and operations department
  • Reduce cost of paperwork generation and shipment tracking
  • One-time data entry will increase productivity

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