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Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

Now Serving over 700 Moving Companies

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IMPORTANT: If the payroll withholding taxes for your State will be changing in the upcoming year, then please provide that information to us immediately so our programmer can make the necessary updates to our payroll system.

UPDATES: Please run the Check for Updates process periodically to see if your IBS system is up-to-date. The Check for Updates feature is found under Updates-Download Updates on the IBS Main Menu. If a new release is available, then you should run the Download Updates and Install Updates to update your system to our latest release. Our IBS Updates include the latest release of ALL programs so you should Download and Install all new releases even if you don’t use all of our programs. Please call us at 804-320-2040 if you have any questions or need help updating your IBS system.

NEW - MoverBiz SQL Accounting

The new MoverBiz SQL Accounting release is going flawlessly. Conversions are being scheduled 2-3 weeks out to assure, with proper planning, that your schedule is met. There is much enhanced functionality in this new software, which brings Direct fully into the Microsoft mainstream. Thus, there is no learning curve and no serious challenge to a smooth, quick and orderly transition.

ALSO - MoverBiz SQL Customer Service / Dispatch

MoverBiz SQL Customer Service / Dispatch has been installed and utilized successfully in several agencies. Much new functionality enhances MoverBiz Dispatch such as multi-Company and enhanced Load Board, day, week, month-at-glance calendar, etc. The transition from IBS Dispatch to MoverBiz Dispatch, as with previous major upgrades, will be easily accomplished with minimal disruption to your office routine.

CLOUD Computing for Movers

The Direct route to $$ savings.

Direct Systems and Virtual Office Systems (VOS) formed a strategic alliance which has since brought CLOUD computing success to movers throughout the US and Canada.

Your Direct software and your data are accessed via a secured Internet connection hosted by VOS. Utilizing any Internet-enabled device (Apple ™, Computers, iPads ™, Android ™, Smartphones), users may securely access or modify data, create queries, and print reports just as if at the office.

In short, you can “work virtually anywhere. anywhere virtually,” in a secure environment at minimum cost. That’s the beauty of CLOUD computing from Direct and VOS.

Welcome Aboard!

  • Guardian Moving Systems (Atlas)
    St Louis, MD
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)
  • R.C. Mason Movers Inc. (Atlas)
    Peabody, MA
  • Slater Transfer and Storage, Inc. (Atlas)
    St. George, UT
  • Guardian Moving Systems (Atlas)
    Memphis, TN
  • American of Virginia, Inc. (Atlas)
    Waynesboro, VA
  • Excel M&S (Allied)
    Charleston, SC
  • Amigo International, Inc.
    Short Hills, NJ
  • Passages Relocation Service (Atlas Canada)
    Toronto, ON
  • North Florida Moving Systems (Bekins)
    Jacksonville, FL
  • Harrison’s M&S (National)
    Chesapeake, VA
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)
    Oakville, ON
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)
  • AMJ Campbell (Atlas Canada)

These companies join over 700 other movers enjoying Software Success with Direct Systems.

Celebrating 40 Years of Service to the Moving Industry.

Direct Systems has grown with the Moving & Storage Industry since 1979 as an IT developer providing the solutions and expertise needed to get moving companies on the road to success. With more than 700 satisfied customers, it’s no wonder Direct Systems is the #1 provider of enterprise software to the moving industry!

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